LLC  Resonant Charger

Features not only high reliability of the power-frequency charger

But also the portabilityof the high-frequency charger

Furthermore the 97% ultra-high efficiency and ultra-low harmonics......

  Guangzhou Resonance Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in electronic technology research & development and product manufacturing. For years, the company has been committed to the research of medium-high frequency switching power supply system in modern power electronics technology and has obtained an international leading self-developed patent – The Resonant Half-bridge Power Converter Control Technology with

Feed-forward Compensation Control(Patent Number: ZL200910041304.1),with which the company has developed the world's first nonlinear controller for multi-resonant converter (LLC), thus not only solving the poor reliability, short service life and other key issues of high-power switching power supply effectively, but also greatly

enhancing the conversion efficiency of high-power converter (up to 97%).

  Taking the LLC multi-resonant 

topology as platform, the Company has successfully developed a full range of forklifts, electric golf carts, electric patrol vehicles, electric sightseeing vehicles, electric boats, electric vehicles, hybrid power vehicle chargers and charging devices that have been widely used in various electric vehicle charging and power converting that are driven by power batteries (including lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries). In addition, the company also provides DC/DC converters, ground-charging devices and non-contact charging devices of electric vehicles.

   We will adhere to the principles “Technology Leadership and Product Excellence” and contribute to green energy industry in the new generation!